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Briefing of Shanghai Red Cross Branch  

Red Cross Society of China was founded in Shanghai in 1904. Its Hu Cheng Branch, the precursor of Shanghai Branch was founded in 1911, which was then adapted to Red Cross Society of China, Shanghai Branch.

Shanghai Mayor Mr. Han Zheng is elected as the Honorary President, and Vice Mayor Mr. Shen Xiaoming serves as the President of the Branch.The Branch Secretariat comprises the General Administration Office, The Relief and Health Department, The Information and Communication Department, The Volunteer Services and The Youth Department. The Branch has two affiliates: the Disaster Relief and Preparedness Centre and the Training and Exchanging Centre. There are 18 district and county sub-branches, 220 community and township establishments, over 3000 Red Cross Service Stations, 1600 school stations and 70 Red Cross Medical organizations in the city. The Branch has formed an organizational structure in 1500 corporate membership with around 900,000 members, in addition to 1,200 volunteer service teams with 90,000 volunteers. The city Red Cross organizations have been developing rapidly on programs of disaster relief and preparedness, the First aid training, aid to vulnerable groups, volunteer services, and disseminationof the Red Cross Movement.